Monday, September 14, 2009

From the Archives Elsewhere: Memorable Homeschool Moments

1. A tiny bit of boasting comes back to bite me in the butt

I was at a homeschool meeting at a local park, discussing with a new acquaintance the fact that my children had been television-free for a month. She asked me how this was working, and I practically gushed. It’s been amazing, I told her. They get along so much better now! They hardly fight at all anymore!

…at which point First Daughter cut in front of The Son at the water fountain, and he whacked her in the head.

2. Sometimes the quiet isn’t a bad thing

I had been teaching the children sign language two days a week. One afternoon, I realized I hadn’t heard the kids in awhile. (I’m sure, as parents, you know the stab of fear I felt…no, not that they’d been kidnapped, but that they were destroying something.) I peeked into the living room, and they were sitting in a circle, signing to one another. I felt a rush of success, and we can all use that from time to time, right?

3. Speaking of sign language–

The first week we began learning to sign, Second Daughter became impatient to make sentences, so she made up her own signs. They were quite the riot. Of course, this doesn’t quite compare to the time she was walking around making these weird chanting noises, and I asked what she was doing. “I’m teaching myself Spanish.”

4. In the “You Never Know What They’re Going to Do or Say” Category–

You know…I take pride in the fact that my kids can carry on a conversation with just about anyone without regard to age. I attribute that to the fact that we homeschool, and because they interact with people of various ages, it just comes easily to them after awhile. I also take pride in the fact that my kids are constantly telling people how much they love homeschooling.

Oh, Smugness…thou bringest Bad Karma.

One early afternoon we were in a store, and a lady stopped to speak to the children. “Hello,” she smiled, “why aren’t you in school today?” Silence from my children. I spoke up. “We homeschool,” I said brightly.

“Oh,” said the woman, looking back at the kids. “Well. Do you like it?”

At this point, First Daughter looked shyly at her shoes, and Second Daughter shouted, “NO! We hate it!”

Boy, that was embarrassing.

5. Joy in Learning

This is from my old blog:

First Daughter made a connection today in school, and her face lit up when she got it, and I swear my heart almost burst. That flash of recognition and understanding that blew across her face…I am so thankful to have witnessed that. The excitement and wonder that they show when they learn something new…I can’t express it well, as I am so emotionally connected to it…I just can’t find the words at this moment.

So, how about you? I would love to hear about some of your most memorable homeschool moments.


Lisa said...

ROFL~Gotta love kids' timing.

Wendy Hawksley said...

LMAO!!! That is awesome. Hmm, homeschool moments... None off the top of my head.

Although, today, we were watching "Sesame Street" (I have no idea why), and I said, "Wow, I had no idea they gave the Count a wife!"

Gavin said, "They had to, because he was lonely before."