Thursday, August 27, 2009

Signs of Freethinking (Or, A Whole Lotta Linkin' Goin' On)

There has been quite a ruckus stirred up by the pro-freethinking billboards and bus signs that have gone up lately in Florida, Texas, and several other states. It's even led to the creation of (or maybe the whole thing just evolved into-heh!) The Billboard Wars.

Meg over at Get In, Hang On posted about some t-shirts her daughter found that promote atheism (and some of them also poke fun at Christianity). I keep changing my mind regarding which is my favorite. At this moment, it's the one that says "Freedom of Speech: Not Just for Christians Any More."

I recently had a conversation with someone regarding a school principal and athletic director who are facing criminal charges over a mealtime prayer at an event held on school property. During the discussion, he complained that society is not tolerant toward Christians. He asked, "Why is it that we're to be tolerant of anything and everything except people who are Christians?...All we're really asking is for others to be tolerant and allow those who believe in God and the Bible to practice their religion openly and publicly without the threat of legal action...."

Call me crazy, but I think that's one of the purposes of churches.


Wendy Hawksley said...

I love this!

I mean, seriously... Tolerate Christians? No problem. But just as they have their billboards up all over the place (they have some funny ones on the way to the beach in Delaware), so should other groups be allowed to promote themselves. I'm not an Atheist, but I totally believe in their rights to say, "Hey, we're out here."

Christians ask for tolerance...

Well, the rest of us have been asking them for tolerance for years (hi, Witch here, Inquisition... Not such a great time for my antecedents; thanks).

We've also been asking them to leave us alone, not to jam leaflets into our hands, and not to tell us we're going to "hell".

But THEY want tolerance.

How about this. Can't we all just go to the places and hang out with the people with whom we feel comfortable?

Thanks, Christians, for letting us know your churches are there. I don't want to attend, but for those who do, its nice they know where to find you.

Thanks, Atheists, for informing people that there ARE groups for non-theists to enjoy fellowship, discussion, support, and more.

And thanks everyone in between.

Live and let live. :)

I'm done ranting in your comments now. LOL Except to say, I agree with you 100%.

Meg_L said...

Yep, that freedom of speech one is one of Girl's favorites.

I like the cartoon.

Bleu said...

If this shows up twice, my apologies...I typed a nice long response, and I think teh internets ate it.

Wendy, I love witches. I don't cast circles or spells, but I have been known to do some of my own rituals because I do believe in the power of the spoken word, and the power of symbolic actions. We also celebrate the Sabbats in our house. We don't worship deities, but we celebrate nature (I guess we sort of worship nature?) and the seasons and cycles of life, etc. Here's a link to some photos of our Mabon celebration in 2007.

Meg, if you click on the comic, it will take you to his website. He has some great comics there. I think you will appreciate them.